Take Charge Books is a small book publishing house dedicated to freedom of expression and creative expression for all authors to place thought-provoking books before the public. 

There are many more to come, so please return to our website often as we add books to our shelves and yours.

 Take Charge Books is a publisher that inspires trust from both authors and readers. 

We now have these additional imprints and more on the way:

InTruthPress dedicated to providing the most accurate cutting edge information possible about natural health.

Wisdom Tree Press is dedicated to teaching young people to find creative solutions to their challenges by "thinking outside the box."







Nautilus Silver Award winner 2012

The Wisdom Tree and the Red Swing


Carol MacAllister

Nautilus Silver Award winner 2012


P.O. Box 1452  Brevard, NC    28712 E-mail: TakeChargeBooks@citcom.net Phone: 888-988-8048

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